Twiggy calls on London Fashion Week to reject real fur

Iconic British fashion model Twiggy is helping ADI highlight the cruelty of fur paraded on British catwalks during London Fashion Week.

Speaking about the unnecessary use of fur in the fashion industry, Twiggy says “Fur looks beautiful on animals, but very ugly on humans. Fur is literally ripped off animals backs and it can take many animals to make just one coat. The UK prides itself as a nation of animal lovers, so I am asking London Fashion Week to make an ethical choice and reject real fur.”

Around 50 million animals are killed around the world each year for their fur. Whilst fur farming is banned in the UK, the rising fur trend has fuelled UK demand. Over 40% of fur sold in the UK is from Finland, where ADI went undercover to reveal video and photographic evidence of the horrific conditions and cruelty on certified fur farms for ADI’s fur report ‘Bloody Harvest’.

Our investigation revealed the horrific conditions endured by animals during fur farming which included animals with open and infected wounds; obvious signs of untreated infection; eyes infected or missing; tails bitten off; deformed and damaged legs; overgrowing gum disease resulting in difficulty eating and drinking; babies with legs stuck through the mesh floor of the cage; dilapidated and dangerous caging and facilities; widespread animal suffering and neglect; empty, dirty and broken water bowls.

How you can help

If you see fur on sale, please take action – template letters for use can be downloaded here

Support our campaign against the use of fur here


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