Inside Fur Farms: the real cost of fur

Over seven months, 30 fur farms, seven hours of footage and one and a half thousand photographs, Animal Defenders International investigated a random sample of Finnish fur farms.  Observations were made of housing, animal care, animal health and welfare issues.  And what we found was shocking.

“…some of the injuries were horrifying…”

Our investigation revealed:

  • Obvious signs of untreated infection or disease in animals’ eyes, noses and ears
  • Foxes with visible gum masses, sometimes entirely engulfing the teeth
  • Open wounds, loss of tails
  • Malformed limbs
  • Dilapidated cages with sharp wire and mesh protuding into animals’ living space, likely to cause injury
  • Empty, unclean and broken water bowls
  • Behavioural abnormalities, indicative of psychological damage

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“…some conditions have clearly been present for long periods of time, possibly months…”

You can help

It is clear that putting wild, undomesticated animals into an unnatural environment causes a great deal of suffering.  But our investigation has also uncovered the unglamorous truth behind a cruel industry.  Now it is time for those who wear or use fur to take responsibility – and we need your help. 

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